The menstrual cycle tracking app that makes period and fertility tracking more secure and more transparent.

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Your data, your choice

Everything you enter stays on your device

Not another cute, pink app

drip is designed with gender inclusivity in mind.

Your body is not a black box

drip is transparent in its calculations and encourages you to think for yourself.

Track what you like

Just your period, or detect your fertility using the symptothermal method.

Why we're making drip

Because learning more about our cycles and understanding how fertility works provided some big “Aha!!” moments for us! It’s really cool when you can be competent in knowing your body and making confident decisions for yourself.

We think using cycle tracking apps can help a great deal in understanding your cycle data and gaining insights for yourself. What we don't like about many apps is that there is no way to know what happens to the data we give to them.

So we want to create an alternative: an open-source cycle tracking app that keeps your data private and on your phone.

Further questions?

Take a look at our FAQ section.

Get the Android version here as APK

If you can't or don't want to download drip from the Google Play Store you can download drip for Android as APK here directly.

Your phone will ask you if you want to install something from "this source" which will be your browser. You will have to grant those rights in the app settings. After doing so you will be able to click install. We recommend you to remove this permission from your phone directly after installation.

drip Download for Android signed APK version 1.2403.19

How to condripute

We welcome condriputions. On our project repository on Gitlab, we describe how you can condripute and try to keep beginner-friendly tasks up to date.

You can send us feedback, questions and comments on Mastodon, Twitter or via e-mail. You can send us love, too ♡.